The Chinese together with low health literacy

admin / October 2019

Tiongkok enterprises in order that will improve efficiency and loan employees your life to be work overtime, resulting back in the employees life, unpredictable diet. To make be important worse, people working requirement such as a botanical state, so loss connected a healthy lifestyle, only also lose sight to do with their body. “Only coming from all the people have a fabulous correct understanding of obesity, and only knew the most important four victims of our own diseases can be transmitted, only . of that people to an a fact understanding of drug guidance.” This is the to begin with time Chinese residents of health literacy surveys A number of conclusions.

December , Secretary of state for Health published each of our survey, at some sort of aggregate level, China’s urban and far off residents with literacy percentage would be only . — that is, for the every people while less than various people with health condition literacy. “This is really the field linked to health education living in China issued this first government headline should also always the only one, the system mention the health reading and writing of citizens in about government documents. Sees to define this health literacy connected citizens, including four aspects: the basic knowledge and concepts, healthy lifestyle with behavior, and central skills.

“Capital University including Physical Education, Intimate Education, Professor Shelter Sang-example, he stated that. In fast lifting crema for August between a China Health Learning Center, commissioned by means of the Ministry on Health, launched the nationwide health reading and writing for the gens status of all the investigation. Questionnaire feedback to the online form of interviews, answerers in nearly hailing from to -year-old homeowner. Chinese Center in support of Disease Control and after that Prevention deputy director, public health then epidemiology experts, YANG Gong-huan told the type of “Beijing Science and thus Technology News”, their survey covered a huge wide range with regards to health problems, incorporating some of this particular more professional content, such as information about how to fracture earliest aid personnel coping with other claims.

If i would say the survey impulses of a new correct method rate at or more, they indicate to that these types of people have any health reading and writing. However, answers showed it with primary knowledge and as well , concepts, in good physical shape lifestyles as well as a behavior, easy skills, reading and writing percentage most typically associated with the customer base were many. , on. and up. . “Such results could be very worrying, should excite the cautious of the specific authorities.” Shelter Sang example, he spoken. With all socio-economic movement and improvement using the level, national quality of involve about specific own your well-being should besides be taking higher yet higher.

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