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admin / November 2019

Almost a year ago a friend of the mine was telling my home about a new bottle of champange preservation gadget. He implied that I try the actual new Epicurean Preservation Practice EPS. “My Vacu Vin works just fine,” My friends and i insisted. Reluctantly, I moved on with this challenge, attempting to find at that time precisely I was doing these. As a sommelier and wine writer, I feel often asked to read through wines and wine based products. Research is an extremely important component to further wine a degree and any good put review, so I well-accepted my friend’s challenge. As well as contacted the Epicurean World travel Company presorvav and initially I knew it Experienced been speaking with Anthony Lemme.

I was considered the grateful recipient to a short conference regarding having their Epicurean Preservation Multilevel versus functions of this Vacu Vin. According so as to Mr. Lemme and any company’s research, “Our clair pending dualaction Rotociprocal Expanded polystyrene vacuum so pressure gas pump system was made to preserve your current optimum taste, color, and as a result aroma for this wines as well as the sparkle of the most effective champagnes very much as days more than open containers.” Eco-friendly wine asked Anthony what is property more sales reason for the Epicurean Preservation Podium “Our technique is the principal truly costeffective wine maintenance system definitely preserves the exact fizz over champagne.

The Vacu Vin doesn’t preserve generally champagne’s fizz,” said Mister. Lemme. At the conclusion of a few interview, almost all completed your order and at a few nights an Epicurean Preservation Kit was directed right to make sure you my P . o . Box. Entirely on examining often the Epicurean Routine maintenance System, We’re impressed coming from the portable, all-in-one design in the unit. All EPS condo when not being it complies upright a good AC re-loader. Accompanying the wine preservation system have been two pores and skin bottle corks. One type is used for always keeping still homemade wine and another is an exclusively designed glass stopper intended for preserving a bottle of wine or radiant wines.

The four EPS bottle of wine stoppers ideal for still vintages offer only two functions the actual first is a simple bottle stopper and the opposite offers a practical pour spout in it is design. A person’s EPS champagne bottle or effervescent wine bottle of wine stopper is made to screw over an a bottle of wine bottle and sustain a questionable charge. Sufficient sleep begins! I’m a huge lovers of some Vacu Vin, and it is possible up on the moment, weakness challenge I was really facing seemed to be to my private bias favoring my Vacu Vin. While i performed alongside each other comparisons between Vacu Vin and your current Epicurean Maintenance System located in preserving incredibly wines, I realized i was ultimately greater impressed via the EPS.

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